• Fjällräven Amsterdam
      “To portray
      the beauty of nature
      as it is to behold, is not an easy task. Awi Rabelista is one of those people who is able to do so. The camera is just as much a part of him as wings are part of an eagle”
    • Nike EMEA
      “Awi and his team took on the task with great professionalism, demonstrating great attention to detail, expertise in their line of work; while proactively coming up with ideas and suggestions on how to improve upon the project. Awi is a punctual worker, very dedicated to his work and result oriented. He is also an easy going person, integer and loyal which are strong network assets. “
    • RTL Netherlands
      Awi is an enthusiastic creative which comes with lots of good ideas and dares to think out of the box. He is a very creative and professional guy with great filming, cinematographic and editing skills. He is also a great guy to work with.
    • Marsel van Oosten (Nature Photographer Of The Year, National Geographic)
      “Awi is very helpful, flexible, curious, eager to learn, and focused. He is always ready for adventure, does not complain, easily adjusts to changing circumstances, has a genuine interest in other people and their stories, works hard, and he is dedicated. This makes Awi a joy to travel with, to work with, and to talk to.”

    • Daniel Aylmer (Expedition leader)
      I have spent quite some time in the bush with Awi.  We worked together on a documentary film filmed in Cairngorms National Park (Scotland) in winter, which showed me how driven Awi is to thrive in harsh natural environments, applying what he has taught himself about natural history. I have been overwhelmed by Awi’s passion and love for nature and his exceptional talent in filmmaking.”