I am very happy to announce that United Nations selected one of my photos for the ‘My African Heritage’ global photo competition. Together with nine other photographs, my photo will be showcased on May 23rd 2018 during the Africa week in Paris. This photograph is a still from a time-lapse sequence I shot on assignment in Namibia.


This is a dead camelthorn tree, most likely 900 years old. The wood doesn’t perish because of the extreme drought in the desert. I have seen people hanging in these trees, taking selfies and breaking off branches, laughing about it and doing the same thing over and over again. I am not the tree police, but I wish these selfie-stick-people had a bit more respect for these historical and iconic African trees. This is a remote place in the Namib desert and feels like a different planet because it’s totally silent (and that’s very rare these days). I hope it stays like this.