“I know your brand, but why would I join you?”

From brand awareness to purchase, your customer needs a story. Your story is important, and it has to be told.

If you have watched An Inconvenient Truth (2006), The Ivory Game (2016) or Black Fish (2013), then you probably know the power of film. In that aspect, documentary filmmakers can be magicians.

During my film studies in England, I researched the psychological process of narrative persuasion: attitude and behavioural changes derived from stimuli of a film. In my research, I seek for new ways of persuasive storytelling by blurring the lines between fiction and documentary. There is a difference between argument-based communications and story-based communications. People are more likely to buy stories than facts. My speciality lies in the translation of arguments and facts into personal stories.

During creation and development of story and plot, I implement aspects of media psychology and involve subjects such as narrative transportation, narrative self-referencing and setting (arena). It’s not just about the story. The viewer plays a significant – if not, the most important – role in the communication chain. Therefore, as a film director and content creative, I not only create stories, but I also identify users’ needs and values.

Why can’t organisations or governments make documentaries about themselves?
Because documentary filmmakers are investigators, researchers, poets and storytellers. Our sharpness lies in our independence.

Do you still want to make a documentary about your organisation or brand? Let’s have a chat, and see what’s possible.