Nobody is a nobody. We all create a story about ourselves. Who we are, what we like doing, and what we believe in. And we can always change that story if we like to.

I don’t believe that a biography or a resume describes my personality and creative vision. Social media has become a prominent part of our daily routine, and I believe that we spend too much time creating our online identity, trying to look good for others and seeking external validation. But what’s really important to me, is to stay close to myself. Doing what I love to do, and keep exploring boundaries.

A wise mentor once said: “If you are writing a story on paper and you mainly focus on the style of your handwriting, your story will suffer from it”. And yes, it’s true. Try writing a story for the first time with the most expensive calligraphy pen, Indian blue ink, and your best handwriting. How does it work out?
Our visual culture is so focused on aesthetically pleasing images, that many creators forget the power of a narrative. Creating narrative structures and story arcs are the foundation of my work. My cinematic visual style follows. They come together in harmony, like a flock of birds moving simultaneously during civil twilight.

I am a freelance (creative) director, cinematographer and content creator with a big heart for storytelling, nature, and the outdoors. I’m specialized operating in remote and wilderness environments and I aim to create compelling stories through a poetic and personal way of storytelling, often by blurring the lines between fiction and documentary. I believe in the power of storytelling and that it can change attitudes and inspire people to look different at our world, which eventually could lead to behavioural change. I call it content with impact.

We all love stories. We were born with them. We will die with them, and the next generation will share them. Storytelling is embedded in the core of our soul. What’s your story?